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New Student? Please Click Here to start our DMV-licensed Nevada driver education online course to fulfill state required 30 hours of classroom instruction and take the driving skills test when you turn 16. Our course will fully prepare you to pass your learner's permit test, start behind-the-wheel practice, and get your license!

Introduction to Nevada Driver Education

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Learn how to handle your car properly and safely so you can drive for a long time!

Few things are as important to us as our driver's license. We have designed this program to help you get your Nevada driver's license. But consider this only as a first step of many that you will take, since you will not be doing any actual driving here. Driving is a complicated skill that requires you to perform a variety of tasks at the same time. While some people can learn to control their vehicles quickly, there are no "natural" drivers. Add distractions to the mix, and driving is even more complicated!

Although we provide behind-the-wheel training, you are still required to practice with an experienced, licensed driver such as a parent so you can fully benefit from our course. After all, how fun is it if you have to worry about keeping your car steered straight? How fun is it if you crash, if it means you won't be driving for a while, and perhaps get hurt in the process? Learn how to handle your car properly and safely so you can drive for a long time!

Journal Question

We'll start with making lists. In your Journal below, list five benefits of driving. For example: it lets you have fun with your friends.

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Journal Question

Now this may be more challenging: List five drawbacks to driving. For example: driving costs money.

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What's your conclusion? Are the drawbacks worth it? Most people think so!

Journal Question

You will be learning about safe driving, so let's see what you know already. In your Journal, list five things you think every driver should do while driving. Then, list five things you think every driver should NOT do while driving.

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How well do you think you know about traffic safety and traffic law? Before you start the program, take a few moments to answer some questions. The following tests your knowledge of traffic safety as well as various Nevada traffic laws. You will not be graded on this, so don't worry about how you score.

1. "Zero Tolerance" as applied to traffic safety has to do with:

Seatbelt requirements for children

Alcohol or drug use by minors

Maintenance of the vehicle

Speed limits

2. The leading cause of traffic crashes is:

Mechanical failure

Bad weather

Poorly maintained roads

Driver error

3. The following people must wear their seatbelts at all times when riding in a vehicle that has seatbelts:

The driver only

All children under 18

The driver and all front seat passengers

Everyone in the vehicle

4. The fine for a first conviction of failure to properly restrain a young child can be as much as:





5. If you come upon a stopped emergency vehicle that is displaying its emergency lights, you need to:

Move over to a lane away from that vehicle

Pull over and stop

Ignore the lights and continue on your way

Slow down and watch

6. A sign that is in the shape of an octagon tells you to:

Slow down for children



Watch for trains

7. If two vehicles traveling on different streets meet at a four-way intersection, who has the right-of-way?

The one on the left

The one on the right

The larger vehicle

The slower vehicle

8. You are required to turn on your headlights whenever you cannot clearly see at least _____ feet ahead.





9. The three-second rule has to do with:

The required wait before going on a green light

Air bags

Following distance

Turn signals

10. A yellow line in the middle of the street means:

Stay to the right

Prepare to stop

Slower traffic on the right

The road is one-way

Correct Answers:

1. Alcohol or drug use by minors
2. Driver error
3. Everyone in the vehicle
4. $1,000
5. Move over to a lane away from that vehicle
6. Stop
7. The one on the right
8. 1,000
9. Following distance
10. Stay to the right

What's your score?
10 Excellent
8-9 Good job
6-7 All right
1-5 Better luck next time

Remember - this is just a pre-test and does not count toward your final score. If your score reflects a lack of knowledge of the law on your part, don't worry - that's what this course is for!

You will be learning about traffic laws, as well as traffic safety, including safe and defensive driving techniques. The course also discusses factors that may lead to traffic crashes. This includes not just drugs and alcohol but distractions and emotions.

It is possible you will find certain sections a little, well, dull. The first chapter discusses the driver licensing process. Yeah, it's like learning the classroom rules. But once you get past that, you should find the course interesting. Maybe.

Throughout the program, you will be asked to answer some questions or to give your thoughts on some of the subjects covered. This should help add a little spice, since you can get creative! Upon completion, we hope you carry on what you learn here and go on to drive for a long time!