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You will continue to learn throughout your driving career.

You now have learned all the important things you need to know as a driver. But remember - driving is an adventure where you will continue to learn new things. Even though you are close to completing this driver's education program, your driving education is actually just beginning!

Always remember the following when driving:

  • Always put on your seat belt.
  • Keep your eyes moving. Scan the sides of the road and check your mirrors every few seconds.
  • Be prepared for other drivers to make mistakes, and think of what you would do if a mistake does happen. This often means yielding the right-of-way even if it is the other driver who should be yielding.
  • Avoid relying on traffic signs or signals to keep others from crossing in front of you. Drivers do not always obey traffic signals.
  • Always look left, right, and then left again at an intersection, even if opposing traffic has a red light or stop sign.
  • Keep the speed of your vehicle under control. This means no speeding!
  • Avoid driving if you are impaired, whether you are tired, emotional, drunk or high.
  • Never take the actions of other drivers personally.

Journal Question

When you began this course, we asked you to list things you think all drivers should do (and should not do). Now that you have learned more, your perspective may have changed. In your journal, list five things you think every driver should do while driving. Then, list five things you think every driver should NOT do while driving.

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